Who is behind Klarheit-Coaching.de?

Elisabeth Pine is responsible for Klarheit-Coaching ("Clarity Coaching") . She works with other coaches, trainers, editors, and translators. She is also part of a worldwide network of certified Passion Test facilitators.

Elisabeth helps people win clarity around what they are truly passionate about, so that they can use this motivation as an accelerator to a more joyous and successful life. She is a certified Passion Test trainer and business coach. For many years she worked as a communications expert in international companies.

Next to travelling, her big passion is helping people to start more passionate lives, communicate better, and feel more joy, success and fulfillment every day.

In the last twenty years she has

  • accompanied people on their journeys as trainer and coach
  • led projects and teams
  • written and edited thousands of articles and presentations
  • published client and employees newsletters 
  • acted as ghostwriter for CEOs and senior managers

    and helped thousand of people gain more clarity through active listening and asking the right questions.

Would you like to learn more and benefit from Elisabeth's expertise? Then contact her now.

Pine Communication+Training
Elisabeth Pine
Platanenstr. 30
65474 Bischofsheim

0049 171 553 6916