In their bestseller "The Passion Test" Janet and Chris Attwood describe how your passions lead you on a path to discovering your life purpose, your destiny. Many people, however, are not attuned to what they really want, what lights them up. The Passion Test is an easy process to help you find what truly matters to you.

Next to workshops and presentations on the Passion Test process, there are numerous tools and coaching services you can use to identify your passions. Enjoy the motivation, fulfillment and success that come with discovering your purpose in life!

Passion Test Coaching

 Are you ready to live a passionate and fulfilled life now?

1) With your Personal Coaching (3x 60-90 minutes) you will reach your goal faster.

Identify your Top 5 passions. Write powerful and concrete “markers” that prove that you are living your passions. Find out how you can go “From Sad to Glad” in 7 steps. Get an introduction to The Work by Byron Katie – one of the most powerful methods to deal with unproductive thoughts. Learn these tools and more to set you on your path to your ideal life.

Additionally, receive e-mails with further tasks and tips before, in-between and after your coaching sessions.

Available via Skype or in person.

"It's great to know your top 5 priorities. And once you have this clarity, you begin to become conscious of each time you do something for your priorities.

Every day now I get a kick out
of living my passions - a very satisfying feeling!

Daniel H., Oregon, USA

2) “Marker” Training: Do you know your Top 5 passions and would like to add your concrete “Markers”?

Use just 30 minutes of your time to find more concrete markers. Learn how you can make them more aspirational, more concrete – and if you want - more actionable.

Available via Skype or phone.

3) Passion Test Update Session

You’ve already been through the Passion Test process with a certified facilitator before. Now you’d like to redo your Passion Test. Use this 1-hour coaching to make your new passion list even more attractive, clear and succinct. Have your coach lead you through the Passion Test to identify your updated Top 5 passions. And get a head start on some really good markers.

Self-Study Programs and Passion Test Facilitator Courses

Integrate all the powerful tools and processes you’ll learn in these trainings to renew your life and business. Change the world by helping others discover and live their passions.

Passionate Life Secrets

This self-paced home study program uses a combination of video, live coaching, written exercises and audio training if you are not ready to take the Passion Test certification yet.

It gives you:

  • Step-by-step videos with Janet & Chris Attwood taking you through the entire Passion Test system with knowledge, tools and advice on how to create a Passionate Life
  • A “Personal Passion Planner” workbook to track your progress and complete exercises
  • A 1-on-1 Passion Test session with a Certified Passion Test Facilitator
  • Access to the “Members-only” content with advanced videos, interviews and other fabulous, life-enriching content delivered every month

From Sad to Glad E-Book

"An incredibly fun, practical and helpful book for restoring joy when it is lost." (John Gray, Ph.D.)

An e-book with big type and lots of cartoons that at first glance might be mistaken for a children’s book if one didn’t read the words. The book reveals profound principles, deep insights and practical tools which readers can put to use immediately. Learn to cope with change with the help of "Nature's Guidance System".

Alliance Secrets

This is one of the most powerful tools yet for building relationships and strategic win-win alliances. You’ll learn how to create agreements, form joint ventures and so much more. A self-paced home study program for anyone interested in building their business.

Passion Test Facilitator Certification Course

A four-day train-the-trainer program embedded with wisdom, excitement, and knowledge-building to help you enjoy a successful and fulfilling life and business. Become a certified Passion Test facilitator and create change in your own life and others!

Online tuition is usually $3,497. To get a $1,000 discount contact

 Certified Passion Test facilitators can go on and also take

  • the Passion Test for Business Certification Course (if you love working with businesses and organizations)
  • and the Adult Certification to Teach the Passion Test for Kids & Teens (if you want to make a big difference in the lives of young people in families and schools).

If you are interested in a half-day Passion Test workshop or individual Passion Test coaching sessions or any of the above programs, please contact

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